Pass the Hat for Progress

Thank you so much for your contribution to Rural Progress! Your donation will go directly to building a grassroots movement in rural America that will plant the seeds of progressive change for our communities and our country. 

If you want to take your involvement even further, share the links to the right of the page to ask friends in your network to contribute as well. You can either copy and paste the "tracking link" to your social media pages or email the link out to friends with an invitation to contribute as well. 

Every time someone donates (or takes any other action) after clicking your invitation you will be rewarded "Progress Points". These points will be used to measure your progress and earn you access to special events, free merch and other opportunities with Rural Progress. 

Thanks again for your generous contribution. Every movement, including this one, is powered by individuals all striving to bring good into the world. I'm glad we have you on the team.

Welcome to the movement,

Nate Irvin

Rural Progress 

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