Investing In Rural Candidates

Problem: It is often the case that progressive and Democratic candidates in rural districts are not seen as a priority when it comes to investing time, money, and energy during peak campaign season. These deeply red districts in small-town America are often low-income areas that have no historical donor base and are left out of the national narrative and ignored by the national party. They are never given a real opportunity to present a path for positive, progressive change to their communities because they lack the funding necessary to get their campaigns up and running.

Solution: Rural Progress believes winning back these long-neglected districts is vital in pursuing the progressive change we desperately need in this country. Lack of money should never be a barrier when it comes to winning elections. Rural Progress will raise angel-investment funds for progressive candidates in rural districts across the nation to help get their campaigns off the ground. Across the country, courageous men and women have stepped up to the plate to take on the Republican machine, our goal is to see that each and every one of them have the funding they need to get their campaigns off the ground.



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