Our Mission

Our mission is to fund, train, and empower activists and candidates in rural communities currently lacking the resources and know-how needed to create lasting progressive change in 2018, 2020, and beyond.

Investing in Rural Communities

Training Activists and Candidates

Spreading Progressive Values

Raise angel-investment funds for progressive and Democratic candidates in rural areas that are too often left out of the national narrative. Create a nationwide donor/activist network and provide free training, information, and consultation to grassroots activists and candidates from seasoned political pros. Launch long-term campaigns to spread progressive values in rural communities to create lasting, positive, progressive cultural change in small-town America.

We believe we need to fight in every town, district, and state to take back America from the stranglehold of far-right conservatism. We must fight back on every front to put our country on the path of progress. We can no longer afford to stand by waiting for others to act.

You deserve better than constantly settling for less, hoping the losses will be smaller than the gains. Personally, we are tired of compromising.

Join us as we fight back in small-town America and pursue the progressive change our country needsĀ and

our communities deserve.

Welcome to the movement,
The Rural Progress Team

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