Our Story


Bethany, Missouri


I fell in love with the political process at age 13 when the kids in my neighborhood came together to prove that the spirit of American democracy is alive and well. Our town had no skate park, but we wanted one. Rather than resign ourselves to the situation, I organized a grassroots youth coalition to advocate for our cause. Too young even to vote, we exercised our right to petition the Government for a redress of our grievances. As we collected petition signatures, lobbied the city council, and talked to every community leader – our voices were heard.

That first campaign demonstrated the great power an organized community of well-meaning citizens holds in America. My hard work revealed to me both the potential, and immeasurable importance of grassroots movements. When we put our minds to it, there is no limit to what a coalition of neighbors can accomplish. Our Founding Fathers understood this fundamental truth which has carried on through generations of Americans and still thrives today.

The great democratic dialogue should not be limited to the ballot box but extended through every sector of our society.
but extended through every sector of our society. What America needs more than ever is for citizens to be engaged with their government and for government to be engaged with the people they serve.



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