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Thank you for signing up to help plant the seeds of progressive change in our communities and our country. We will be in touch soon to get you set up and ready to be a force for good in your community. In the meantime, why not invite some friends to join you?

Share the link on the right of the page with your network. This is your special volunteer recruitment link, so you may want to copy and paste it somewhere to save it. You can share via Facebook, Twitter or email it out to anyone you think would be interested.

For every new volunteer that signs up through that link, you will earn progress points that will get you special access to events, merch and other opportunities with Rural Progress. 

Every movement has to start somewhere. This one starts here and now with you and me. I am excited to have you on the team. Let's get to work.


Welcome to the movement,

Nate Irvin

Rural Progress

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